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"Coming in today, I definitely didn't know what to expect. I wasn't like, scared, but apprehensive, maybe a little bit shy but you two made me feel so comfortable. I would definitely do it again...So much fun."

"I was a little bit nervous... I felt so free and comfortable...just feeling really great and sexy and pure, just being in your full beautiful self and then I got great tips... it was a blast, so much fun."

"I could have gone on forever I was having such a good time...I can speak for a woman of a certain age....the nerves fell away really fast...I loved to see the direction you guys were going in...once you see the lighting and how pretty it looks, the freedom just comes even easier."

"It was my first boudoir shoot. I was very nervous... I turned 50 this year and I haven't been feeling great and the minute I saw the first photos they took, I felt sexy and pretty.."

"You guys made me feel pretty, pretty hot today so that was good....I got really comfortable. You guys were great. I like that you guys were fixing me, making me look my best."

It was her first boudoir shoot. "It was amazing to work with you girls because I felt very comfortable being very vulnerable with my boobies out but it was so awesome, but you made it feel so seamless."

"My first time doing any kind of shoot...definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone....I feel way more in touch with myself then I could have imagined I would... after you get this kind of endorphin release like, wow, what did I just do. You feel alive. You feel yourself. You feel sexy and it was a great experience."

"It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it actually. You made me feel very comfortable and I lost my fear like immediately." (She's giving the photos to her husband for their 35th wedding anniversary. :-)

"I was nervous, but I didn't need to be...It was very positive and exciting...I keep a couple of them on my phone for confidence boosting."

"I was a little nervous but then I got here and I was immediately greeted with friendly faces and it made me feel so much more comfortable...I had great direction. I think that really helped getting those postures right because I don't have experience doing this at all."

"I was nervous, a little bit uncertain but I felt so great and sexy and beautiful...but then you made me feel very comfortable and aware of my body and just feel beautiful."

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